Entropy Beacon

Cryptographically Verifiable,
On-Chain Randomness.

Beacon is a decentralized source of randomness for blockchain developers. Beacon provides secure random number generation in trustless on-chain environments, the first to do so on Cosmos-based blockchains.

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On-chain Entropy

It's impossible to generate completely unpredictable random numbers on-chain. Beacon solves this problem by providing a secure, unpredictable, and cheap random number generator.

Streamlined Development

Beacon provides the most comfortable developer experience of any existing solution, with no complex tokenomics and subscription models, and an ergonomic API for interacting with the system.

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Incentivized Submissions

Beacon has a bounty model for on-chain entropy requests. The bounty model encourages entropy submitters to engage in free-market competition, minimizing overall fees in a decentralized manner.

Enabling Next-Gen dApps

An on-chain entropy beacon opens up hundreds of previously impossible usecases. Lottery systems, tamper-proof giveaways, randomly generated NFTs, complex DeFi games, and countless others all require the decentralized generation of secure random numbers.

How it works

Beacon uses VRF Cryptography to enforce that generated random numbers are verifiably unbiased .

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